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'Working for a cleaner environment' in Offaly

Oxigen-grabber-removing-illegal-waste Working throughout the weekend, day and night, Oxigen removed several tons of illegal waste

We are more than just about the bins and play an active and important role in every community. 

Oxigen staff worked through the day and night to tidy up an illegal dumping ground in Offaly, using our extensive fleet of vehicles and equipment, ensuring the job was thorough and complete. 

These included road sweepers, excavators, grabs and shovels. 

Our specialized team removed and recovered over 55,000Kg of waste - that's about the weight of 34 Tesla Model 3 cars!!!

We were determined to restore this area to its former glory and as the video shows - we excelled. 

So when you become an Oxigen customer, you are not just teaming up with a responsible and environmentally-friendly waste disposal company. 

You are helping to ensure your area and community have the best crew on-hand to cover all situations. 

Check us out at and become part of a cleaner environment for all.

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