Q: Why does the balance on my online account differ from the SMS you have sent me?

A: The balance you see online relates to the balance due for your remaining billing period. The balance in your SMS is for the remainder of the current month only and is generally the minimum payment required to ensure service.

Q: What is my ‘Remaining Billing Period’?

A: This is the period of cover for your most recent bill. For example if you receive quarterly invoices, it is the charges due for the quarter.

Q: What is the minimum payment I can make to ensure my service continues?

A: You must, at a minimum, clear your monthly service charge amount at the start of each month to ensure service continues. Failure to do so at least 2 working days before bin collection may result in suspension of your service.

Q: Do I have to pay the entire balance due online?

A: We recommend you pay the full balance for the remainder of your billing period. However, there is the option to select a different amount from our payment form. You can do so by selecting ‘Enter Amount’ and then manually typing in the amount you wish to pay.

Q: If I make a payment online, how long does it take to reach my account? 

A: Your payment should be instant and your balance updated immediately. However, we recommend you allow 2 working days before your next collection, for all payments to credit your account, in case of any issues.

Q: If my account is overdue & suspended, can I make a payment online to resume bin collections?

A: If you have received an SMS or email from Oxigen regarding an overdue balance and temporary suspension of service, you can log in to your account online to settle the outstanding amount. In these cases, you must clear the balance in full before service will resume. We ask that you make payments at least 2 working days before bin collection.

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