At Oxigen Environmental, our mission is to provide our customers with reliable and efficient waste management solutions while actively contributing to the protection of our environment. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint through the implementation of sustainable practices such as recycling and the use of eco-friendly equipment. By offering a wide range of skip and bin sizes, we aim to meet the diverse needs of our commercial and domestic customers while promoting the responsible disposal of waste. Join us in our commitment to a greener future.

Oxigen Environmental is Ireland’s leading integrated waste management and recycling company. We are dedicated to the diversion of waste from landfill through the re-use of valuable resources to create closed material life cycles. The old adage of ‘waste not, want not’, is key to the Oxigen ethos. Producing secondary raw materials and reprocessing to produce new products promotes resource efficiency and is an environmental necessity.

Oxigen is at the forefront of environmental services provision in Ireland. The group comprises of Oxigen Environmental, Oxigen Commercial, Oxigen Water and Oxigen Power. Between these four companies Oxigen manages waste and material streams, water supply and waste-water treatment, and energy generation.


  • To increase volumes of recyclables collected
  • To increase volume of secondary raw materials produced such as paper, metal, glass, wood, plastics, construction aggregates and organics
  • Maximise diversion of materials from landfill
  • Increase the generation of renewable power from waste streams