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Bins & Beyond: Join Our Survey for a Greener Tomorrow!


Hey Waste Warriors! 🌟 We need YOUR voice to help shape the future of waste management. 🗑️💬

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🌈 Why Take the Survey? Your insights can help us create a waste management service that truly reflects YOUR needs and values. Be part of the change and let's make our community cleaner, greener, and more connected!

📋 Take the Quick Survey Now: Help us understand what matters most to you beyond the bin! It's easy, fun, and takes just a few minutes. Your opinion matters, and together, we can turn trash into treasure!

👥 Spread the Word! Tag a friend, share with your neighbours, and let's get everyone involved. The more voices we have, the stronger our waste wisdom becomes! 💪🔄 

February 2024: Domestic Bank Holiday Schedules
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