Waste management is a very important issue in Dublin and other towns around Ireland; this is why you need to hire a skip as soon as possible, but hiring a skip in Dublin is not an easy task. The most important factor to keep in mind while hiring a skip is to find it for low cost and for the best value and which serves the type of job you need it for. With Oxigen, you can hire a skip online and delivered right to your door.
There are several skip choices available; simply figure out how much trash you need to dispose of. For instance, a mid-size skip, often known as a midi, can carry a sizable amount of home trash and often offers the most significant value for a spring-cleaning project. If you're getting rid of big, bulky things like three- and four-seat couches, you'll need containers this size or larger. The most appropriate choice is to hire a skip, especially if you have a lot of waste to get rid of. You can throw it into your skip, rather than load it up, and make many journeys to the dump (or if the rubbish you're removing won't fit in your car). 

Oxigen Environmental is a waste management service where we also offer skip hire in Dublin and other towns in Ireland. The 2-yard skip is ideal for small general clearances, domestic garbage, and DIY uses. The 4-yard skip is perfect for shed clearance. The 6-yard skip, also known as 'Builders Skip' is suitable for a medium household clearance, and the 8-yard skip is suitable for a large house clearance. 12-yards skip for all your construction jobs and 20-yards skip can hold up to 15 tons of materials. These skips can be chosen according to the demand.

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