Automating payments to make life easier

Less button pressing when you use Oxigen's automated payment service 

We all know that preparing to make an automated payment can be like leaving the house and patting yourself down to check if you have everything .

Account details? | Yep, that looks right.

PIN code? | Pretty sure that's the one I used last time.

Card details? | We all know this one like our mobile number.

We also know that once you are on that call and if you forget or make a mistake with any of those details - it can be extremely frustrating.

Well Oxigen just made this simpler.

Call our automated payment service on 0818 729 669 using a mobile or landline that is registered on your account and we won't need you to enter your account or PIN details!

Our oh-so-smart payment system will greet you by your account name and read back your balance. 

So all you have to remember is your payment card details (we're working on this bit too)

And just like that - job done. Less hassle, less grrrrrrrr and more ahhhhhhh.

More time to relax
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