Have you heard of the 'Return To Home' feature that is on most drones these days? No? It's basically an autonomous function that allows the operator to press the RTH button on the controller and the drone will return to the spot it launched from without any further interaction from the operator. Pretty neat!

Well get this. We've just received footage of our bins doing the same thing! 

An eagle-eyed passer-by snapped the footage when walking by their neighbour's house and called us to try and make sense of the whole thing. Check it out below, you can see the bins clearly travelling on their own and back to where the customer keeps them. 

"What kind of magic is this?" asked our snapper, quickly followed by "How do I activate this on my own Oxigen bins?"

To answer these questions, we got our IT guys involved. IT people, by nature, are a secretive lot and we suspected they had been cooking this up in their secret lab, in secret, and somehow it had gotten out and in to the hands of the public.

Once they had finished telling us about how they were always looking for ways to make waste management and recycling easier for our customers by providing 24/7/365 payment options; oh-so-easy-to-use customer portals and quick and easy skip hire and bin collection service ordering, we held sat them down and made them watch the video.

After a few minutes of analysing the footage, huddling together and speaking in some incomprehensible tongue, they finally produced a spreadsheet which simply said "It wasn't us." 


We have just received some new, unseen footage of the same incident and from a different angle!

Oh. Oh well, that explains the 'magic' so. It was just 2 very good children helping out at home by bringing in the bins.

We later spoke to the family involved and apparently these 2 lads are the best in the world and love nothing more than hooking up anything they can to their Gator, including their Oxigen bins it seems. This is a regular, adult supervised occurrence and happens every 2 weeks.

We've advised our snapper of this so they won't be so alarmed next time. 

So there it is  - Oxigen do provide the best value for household bin collections and skip hire but don't provide a Return To Home function for the bins. If it ever does become possible though, Oxigen customers will have it first.

We agree with the youngsters  - "Oxigen Number 1, Oxigen Number 1!" 

Massive thank you to the Donnelly/Kelleher family for their contribution to this blog.

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