Derryclure Recycling

Address: Killeigh Road, Tullamore, Co.Offaly Phone Number: 057 9344893

Opening Hours :

Mon Fri: 8am - 4.30pm

Sat: 8am - 3pm


The following materials are accepted from Domestic Householders Only:

 Aluminium cans: e.g. cola cans, beer cans

 Food tins/metal cans: e.g. bean tins, biscuit tins; dog tins (remove foil)

 Plastic Bottles: e.g. milk, mineral bottles – washed with no lid

 Tetrapak cartons: e.g milk, juice cartons

 Glass bottles: e.g. green, brown, clear jars/bottles – sort by colour

 Newspapers/magazines: eg. Paper, junk mail, glossy magazines, comics

 Cardboard: e.g. food boxes, cardboard packaging – clean dry only

 Timber Old furniture, skirting board – remove bolts, hinges, glass

 Garden/Green waste: grass, hedge clippings – No clay, Stones

 Flat Glass: window glass, remove all wood, frames

 Car Batteries

 Household batteries

 Fluorescent Tubes

 Waste Oil

 Cooking Oil

 Gas Cylinders

 Large Electrical Household Appliances

 Small electrical household appliances

 Toasters, irons, radios, CD Players – put in to small cages

 Televisions/Computer monitors

 Scrap metal


 Mobile Phones




Single axle trailer 4ft x 8ft (1.2mx2.4m)  =  €20 + gate fee - €2

All trailers greater than 2.4m will be charged accordingly .

Double axel trailer – 4x8ft = - €40+ gate fee -€2

Triple Axel trailer – 4x12ft (1.2mx3.6m)= €60 + gate fee - €2

Small Van - €30+ gate fee - €2

Medium van - €50-+gate fee €2

Large Van – L.W.B. - €80+gate fee €2