The 20 Cubic yard roro holds up to 15 tonnes of material and is suitable on larger sites.

Embrace Large-Scale Projects with Confidence! Our 20-Yard Waste Skip is Your Ultimate Large-Scale Waste Management Solution!

Are you gearing up for a major construction project or a large-scale home renovation? Our 20-yard waste skip, also known as a “roll-on roll-off skip”, is exactly what you need!

Spacious and Convenient: Our 20-yard skip offers a substantial increase in volume compared to smaller skips. It’s best suited for larger driveways and construction sites and offers a significant capacity for larger waste disposal tasks.

High Capacity: The 20-yard skip can hold approximately 200-220 black bin bags of waste. It’s the ideal choice for large projects such as major home renovations, construction projects, or large garden clearances.

Eco-Friendly Waste Disposal: We’re committed to responsible waste management. Once your skip is full, we’ll collect it and ensure that the waste is sorted and recycled in accordance with local regulations.

Excellent Value: With its large capacity, our 20-yard skip offers excellent value for money, providing an efficient waste management solution for larger projects at a competitive price.

Don’t let waste management be a stumbling block for your project. Hire our 20-yard waste skip today and keep your project site clean and efficient!

Please call 0818 694 436, Option 2 (Skips) for more details and to order.